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Credit Rating

Do you know what credit providers think about you?

Credit providers are now able to provide more information about you to credit reporting bodies, including how much you have borrowed and whether you fail to meet your loan repayment obligations.

The soft sell of this change by the credit provider is that these changes will allow credit providers to better assess your credit worthiness by giving a more complete picture of your credit profile.

You can ask for a copy of your credit file from credit reporting bodies. You can also ask your bank for credit-related information they may hold about you, ask to correct the information if it is wrong, and make a complaint to them about your credit related information.

You will also have rights to limit use by credit reporting bodies for your information for marketing purposes.

Some examples of credit reporting bodies:-

  • Veda www.veda.com.au
  • Experian www.experian.com.au/credit-services/credit-services.html
  • Dun & Bradstreet www.checkyourcredit.com.au

You might be surprised what they know about you!

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