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Dealing with disasters

If you have been affected by a disaster - either as an individual, a business or as part of a wider community - you may need help reconstructing your records, getting deferrals, accessing your money or making or receiving payments and donations.
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Deductions - individuals
Information on this page will help you identify what you can claim to reduce your taxable income.

Deductions - businesses
Deductions for costs incurred in running your business are allowable, provided the expenses are not of a private, domestic or capital nature.

Dividend imputation has been a major feature of the Australian taxation system since 1987. Entities that are taxed separately from their members are called corporate tax entities, and they are taxed at the company tax rate, which is currently 30%.

Luxury car tax
Luxury car tax (LCT) is a tax imposed on luxury cars. A luxury car is a car with a GST-inclusive value above the LCT threshold. You must pay LCT when you sell or import a luxury car. You must pay LCT as well as any goods and services tax (GST) payable.







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