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Victorian Fire Services Property Levy

The new Levy which replaces the current levy imposed upon insurers will be payable by landowners .....

...... (even though they may not currently be ratepayers).

In most cases, the Victorian levy will consist of a fixed component and a variable component.

The fixed component will be $100 for residential properties, and $200 for all other properties.

The variable component will be calculated by multiplying the capital improved value of a property by the relevant variable levy rate.

Property Sector

Variable rate in cents per $1,000 of capital improved value

For properties serviced by CFA

For properties serviced by MFB

Commercial (including retail)






Primary production



Public benefit



Vacant (excluding vacant residential)






The levy will be charged by councils together with council rates and will be payable at the same time and in the same manner as council rates are payable, including the option to pay:-

  • by four instalments spread across a financial year and starting in September 2013; or
  • in a single lump sum in February each year, if this option is offered by the relevant council.

Landlords should check the provisions of their standard leases to ensure that they allow for recovery of the levy from tenants.

Insurance policies issued after 1st July 2013 should not include the fire service levy.

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